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2. Course Venues

Station Two is about education, about workshops and courses based on the book (see Project One). Station Two is where the background is filled in, where the follow up on the theory and issues is done, as well as practical implementation explored. With a deeper understanding of the state of human affairs and the issues involved, attendees can acknowledge a shared purpose and look into strategies for change.

Places for running courses…

  • Platform 1 : urban contact centres: for local engagement and networking, short workshops and practical classes, and recruitment. More advanced courses would run from Platform 2.
  • Platform 2 : rural training centres: with facilities to accommodate small groups, for 5-day live-in courses, (see Project Two). The outdoor and horticultural aspects of the training property should provide for a range of activities by external groups, such as permaculture courses.
  • Platform 3 : online training – some course sessions may suit an online component.

Stations - places to get on board ...

Cities are a drain on sustainability[1] for many reasons, but chiefly because of the ecology-damaging, chemically-tainted food they consume. What needs to become true, globally, cannot happen in the cities. Considering just the environmental problems alone we need to see people migrating into the countryside, building a framework for an agrarian resettlement process, self-organised under a pioneering spirit for a better life with better health. Suitable courses for this are already in the making, as yet incomplete.

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1 : City footprints data (Mediterranean, 2017)

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