Station Three

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3. Network Services:

Station Three is about building and supporting businesses that will provide targeted services to network members, either run by the Project itself or by certified members. The purpose is to further fund the expansion of the agrarian resettlement programme, to help break the barrier of costs.

Businesses and services, for future consideration…

  • Platform 1 : Land advisory and real estate
  • Platform 2 : Bulk purchase of equipment, or goods
  • Platform 3 : Licensing of the Landbase brand

Stations - places to get on board ...

The more funding that the Landbase Project can get the faster it can grow. Initially all resources are to be directed into educational purposes. But at a certain scale of operation it will be able to explore a range of business options, to not rely solely upon its backers. Ideas to be explored include a real estate agency specifically for promoting rural resettlement.

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