Station Four

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Promotion & Publicity

Station Four is about accelerating media coverage and public discussion to the point where land reform that supports 100% sustainable living becomes publicly mandated through political means.

Producing educational and publicity materials…

  • Platform 1 : collecting and editing footage for training videos
  • Platform 2: recording events and places for in-house archives
  • Platform 3: creating publicity for social media and press
  • Platform 4: documentary production.

The idea that sustainability is a social prerogative that can best be fulfilled by resettling a large number of pioneers within the countryside, in a particular way, needs to reach deep into the wider media and political process. Well presented publicity is important to emphasise the terms of that particular way.

Stations - places to get on board ...

Until that idea gains momentum through wider acceptance the process will be a grassroots movement. The LandBase Project is a platform created for just that purpose.

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Ross Scholes —    BSc.(Earth Sci.); PGDip.(Nat. Res.): PGDip.(Devpt. Stud.)          • Assoc, Editor, Soil & Health magazine ( 6 ) • Development Consultant, Solomon Is. ( 8 ) • Organic gardener, ( ~50 )

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    A rural-based learning centre for extended courses: exploring the issues, applying the solutions. Implementing the way of sustainable living in full
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    Station Four

    Landbase stations are places where people can get on board the larger Project, not too far from where they are.  Station covers media and publicity

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