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Project Outline, in brief 

The train which we, the human collective, have been herded onto is rapidly reaching the end of its line. Although this eventuality has been heralded for decades it is only recently that the wider public has acknowledged, more or less,  how close we are to it. People want solutions – big changes and soon. They want someone to blame, a dragon to slay, someone to fix it all for them.

There are already many organisations striving to do that, so why start another at this late stage? The Landbase Project addresses the looming with a much more radical approach than is otherwise being considered. Rather than always building just ahead as we go – according to the precepts of development – we need a different set of tracks back to the main trunk line, back to sustainability, nature’s tried and true template. People have be co-opted into going unsustainable but nature can’t follow. Overall this project aims to assist people wanting to extend the framework of sustainability into common understanding and practical living.

Of the global trends which need reversing the most urgent among them is probably the rise of city populations. Indirectly this is one of the key factors in every global crisis you can describe. Resettling the countryside within a context of localised self-reliance is the most sustainable solution. That means a big change. It will take large numbers of pioneers and amounts of funding for such changes to gain momentum . My book, Making Sense of Sustainability (Station 1) is intended to clarify the principles and parameters needed to start with.

I use the analogy of stations rather than stages to suggests that there are different points where people can get on board. For example if you have the interest and wherewithal to do a documentary then get a crew together at Station 4. Create a go-to platform there, where other people can get on. I intend to build as stages in this order, to reach the widest possible audience along the way.

Station 1: Online Interaction

  1. launch site for the book (project one)
  2. in-house crowdfunding, Landbase.NZ
  3. document repository
  4. e-commerce projects

Station 2: Course venues

  1. urban contact centres
  2. rural training centres (e.g. Project Two)
  3. online training

Station 3: Network services

  1. land advisory, real estate
  2. group incentive schemes
  3. brand expansion

Station 4: Promotions & publicity

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    A rural-based learning centre for extended courses: exploring the issues, applying the solutions. Implementing the way of sustainable living in full
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    Station Four

    Landbase stations are places where people can get on board the larger Project, not too far from where they are.  Station covers media and publicity

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