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Global warming though clearly a serious issue is but a symptom of a deeper problem. To truly solve it will require tackling that problem at its roots. We need to change how we live, and who we are in relation to our planet as it really is. Will a tech-fix be the final solution, or just bring us closer to another set of dangers and dependencies, furthering the same problem which got us here in the first place?

People like to blame someone else for every problem: in this case the fossil fuel industry. Yet it is they actually themselves, not the suppliers, who burn the fossil fuel in their own cars and on their airplane trips. Unwilling to change that they then shift the blame onto the government, the source of all incompetence, and wash their hands of it.

The proper question to be asking ourselves is not how do we solve global warming, but why do we still have it?  The answer to that question has several components. One is that leadership by democracy reflects the average mind of the voting masses. Until the people themselves understand the deeper problem well enough to articulate it that approach will not bring an adequate solution.

Another is how the popularisation of global warming, as it is presented, is a fraud. Firstly let me say that atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant, it is an essential ingredient in many natural cycles and without it most life on Earth would vanish. The fraud is not that there is not an excess of it, but how 40-60% of it is actually due to food production, in other words industrialised agriculture and the trading chains it supplies. It is a lie by omission perpetuated at many levels of vested interest.

We have no choice but to follow the arrow of time, it is fundamental to the laws of physics, but we do have a choice about following the arrow of development. It is a man-made construct.

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