Food, Farming, and Justice

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Food, Farming, and Justice

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La Vía Campesina Questioning a future based on corporate-dominated globalised markets La Vía Campesina is arguably the largest social movement in the world. As of 2019, it comprised 182 local and national organisations in 81 countries, and represented about 200 million farmers. And yet, try finding a mention of La Vía Campesina in mainstream textbooks....

AgRUS online

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The AgRUS online magazine has a particular focus on rural resettlement, individual experience and the movement as a whole.

Vector your Gardening

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If the truth of where we exist is imagined as being the surface of an immense tabletop with every truth laid bare on its smooth surface and visibly linked together, then we would expect to see a clear view in every direction from wherever we stood. Instead we only arrived lately and found that the tablecloth of consensus has been laid out over it.

Gandhi said…

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Would a sharp and politically-alert lawyer, as full-time opponent to a proud, highly-visible, financially-reluctant and politically-dwindling adversary, present his views as... 'Be the change you wish to see in the world'..? No, it's a tweak that's been popularised by pretenders.

Nature heals rapidly, if allowed to

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Land is the real sustainer of our ordinary existence. A culture that aligns in cooperation with the true form of nature becomes itself a sustainer of the land. The key to healing nature, as we must, is to heal the forces of dispossession that have controlled society for far too long. Heal our culture and nature will heal itself too. This must be allowed, ensure that it is so.

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