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:  a magazine about developing grassroots sustainability

This current website was created as general support of our Kickstarter project, (Project One). Once the funding process is completed this site will be replaced by two others: Landbase, specifically for crowd-funding of sustainable living projects; and the other our online magazine AgRUS, for news, article and items related to the issues involved.

Contributors wanted
The particular focus of the magazine will be on social change, rural resettlement, individual projects within the agrarian movement as a whole.

The world is in a time of great change and there are plenty of issues which need to be addressed. We want to find groups and contributors who can inform our readers about what they are doing, and find support by doing so. Their topic won’t need to be jus on rural resettlement; nor just in article form. The magazine layout will more or less follow the current layout, with a slight shift in the categories…

Topic Categories:

  • Projects; cooperative business, eco-village ventures, land opportunities, CSA…
  • Places; community gardens, co-housing, farm tours, training venues,
  • Issues; commons, networking, sovereignty, health, biodiversity, morality, money, entitlement…
  • General; everything else relevant to grassroots sustainability.

Local or global?

While the issues are global, the lessons are universal the soundest solutions come from outputs based upon local outcomes. So for the meantime AgRUS will stay with a New Zealand orientation, within a global context, a companion to the Landbase-NZ project. However, what we mean by ‘local’ needs a bit more clarification. A governmentality[1] gap has evolved in New Zealand, a consequence of a city-based populaces. It is a power gap that stretches between the individual and their local council. This is a politically potent space that rural resettlement needs to occupy. Thus when AgRUS discusses things local it is referring to neither suburban, village nor community, but to that informal (unsalaried) peri-rural space, yet to fill with housing clusters such as these.

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1 : Three Minute Thought: What Is Governmentality?

About Editor

Ross Scholes —    BSc.(Earth Sci.); PGDip.(Nat. Res.): PGDip.(Devpt. Stud.)          • Assoc, Editor, Soil & Health magazine ( 6 ) • Development Consultant, Solomon Is. ( 8 ) • Organic gardener, ( ~50 )

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