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IMPORTANT – your global economic systems
are outdated. Major upgrades urgently needed.

Crowd-funding for land-based projects
is on the way … coming here soon!

  • Nature heals rapidly, if allowed to

    Land is the real sustainer of our ordinary existence. A culture that aligns in cooperation with the true form of nature becomes itself a sustainer of the land. The key to healing nature, as we must, is to heal the forces of dispossession that have controlled society for far too long. Heal our culture and nature will heal itself too. This must be allowed, ensure that it is so.


  • Learning Centre

    Project Two

    A rural-based learning centre for extended courses: exploring the issues, applying the solutions. Implementing the way of sustainable living in full
  • Station 4_720.300

    Station Four

    Landbase stations are places where people can get on board the larger Project, not too far from where they are.  Station covers media and publicity

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