The Landbase Project

Finding the people: making it home...

Discover a love for the land, and position
your life around bringing that to others.


✔ Restoring the Land
✔ Resettling the People
✔ Reviving the Social Contract
. . .
✔ Upscaling the Change

      • Economic Development  ➠  Sustainable Abundance
      • Regenerative Farming  ➠  Co-Production
      • Homesteading  ➠  Rural Resettlement
      • Self-sufficiency  ➠  Food Sovereignty

✔ Instilling the Purpose

  • Excerpt ~ Jordan Peterson, ARC conference (London, Nov. 2023) [1]
    "We’ve forgotten the responsibility in life we need to bear in order to make our lives bearable. We can remember who we are."

✔ Framing the Process

The two agriculturesThis infographic (right) depicts the process of sustainability, symbolically, by comparing the two opposing agricultures. People who live in the 'Developed' countries are dependent upon the systems symbolised on the right: they need to cross through the mist of their heedless ignorance to the left: to join the 40% of the world who are already living there, (in the un-'Developed' world).

For an introduction to right sustainability see the section on Principles of Sustainability, from our free online course. Discover your own understanding of why the corporate-driven 'Sustainable Development' agenda is irresponsible and destructive, and why locally-driven Food Sovereignty is the first stage in recovering from that.

✔ Cultivating the Community

  • Excerpt ~ How to Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones [2]

Right community is an expression of individual maturity coalescing with collective responsibility. In Dan Buettner's 20 years of research into longevity—still found within isolated pockets of traditional cultures—also happens to distill the essence of successful community.

✔ Organising the Systems

  • Excerpt ~ A Thousand Suns [3]

In the Gamo Highlands of the African Rift Valley the people there have been farming sustainably for 10,000 years. Their Land-Food-People system is a working model that was honed over millennia.

✔ Connecting the Dots

      • All this needs to be done smartly
      • It needs to be done at scale
      • You need to get connected

The Landbase Project is a platform for participatory pioneers...

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